YouthSpeak Gabes



Youth Speak Maghreb4SDGs is an upcoming HACKATHON that will take place at local national and regional levels. It will last for 2 days and will involve competitions among groups of young people who will design projects to address a problem, related to one of our three selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) : SDG 3 " good health and well being ", SDG 8 " Decent work and economic growth " & SDG 13 " Climate Action ", that will be presented on the day of the event. This event will be the new version of Youth Speak and it will be a major event where many speakers, students, and professors will be present, either to compete, give a speech, simply watch, or be part of the jury that will decide the winner of the competition.

Taoufik ben Abdallah

Taoufik ben Abdallah


He was a military soldier, but he decided to quit and start his own startup, which is called TIM'ESS. TIM'ESS is an invention that he created, which produces flames without causing environmental pollution. This innovation led us to choose him as a perfect profile for both SDG 8 and SDG 13. Additionally, he is an expert in SDGs and a great speaker